Ben Oregon discusses human thoughts, how we experience the world around us and how your thoughts can maximise your potential.

We all interpret and see the world around differently. But your thoughts can maximise your potential so that you move forward in your progress and potential?

Ben Oregon explains that we can either create thoughts in our own minds that will help us or hinder us. Some people when starting out on a new venture might be fearful and get thoughts that something will go wrong, even though they haven’t even started it yet. Whereas others will have positive thoughts and look forward to what lies ahead.

The fact is, that until you move forward with something you have no way of knowing what the outcome will be. When fear and anxiety is present, it can stop people dead in their tracks to making progress and moving ahead with a dream or idea.

Sometimes we just think things will go wrong whereas in fact it could well be the opposite. We just need to calm our thoughts down, take a step back and relax.

The world we experience does not exist, until the moment we create it. Just because you have a thought in your head about something, doesn’t mean it’s true or real.

The world you experience is merely an external translation of your thoughts that you create to understand and make sense of your environment. So you have total control of thoughts you have and you can either choose to have good thoughts or bad thoughts about something.

If your feeling fear and anxiety about a certain situation, problem or challenge you are currently facing, simply take a step back, relax and feel calm. Then replace the bad thoughts your having with good thoughts. You are never more than just one thought away from changing what and how you feel and experience. Your thoughts can maximise your potential in life.

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