You Only Live Once So Make It Count.

Extreme wheelchair athlete Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham says “You only live once so you’d better make the best of it right!” as he is about to take on a massive MegaRamp jump at Dreamland.

With just his sturdy wheelchair that is not properly equipped for the elements the MegaRamp presents, Aaron “Wheelz” is forced into making a decision to either give up or push himself a little more and go for the jump one more time. Ha makes his descsion by saying “You on live once.” The question is however, does he even make it the second time round?

This is a great example of having grit determination and going for something you want, even in the face of fear and self doubt. Making a decision to just keep going at something you want to achieve is yet another example of how you cannot fail at something, if you never give up.

Sure you may get some hits, scrapes and bumps along the way, that is one of lifes certainties, so why try and avoid it. Your going to get those hits no matter what you do, so why not get them pursuing a life dream!

You only fail when you give up, so the point is, if you never give up, you will never fail.

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