You Need to Have a Vision To Achieve Success

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You need to have a vision is the advice from Arnold Schwarzenegger as he shares his own experiences on achieving success.

Unless you have a clear idea of where you want to go, what you want to achieve, what you wish to become and what it is you want to provide to the world, you have no direction in which to head in, so the solution is simple… you need to have a vision.

You can’t take action on something if you have no idea what your taking action on. Action without knowing where your heading is a nightmare, as you end fumbling around, doing non productive things and tasks that will result in you making no progress whatsoever. This is just a total waste of your time.

Likewise, a dream without action is simply a daydream. You might have a great idea and vision, but unless you take action on this potentially life changing vision, you will remain as you are.

So I guess the question is… Do you have a vision? – in fact scrap that question, that is a stupid question.

Because I believe you already have one. Your alive, your breathing, you have a brain, you have imagination, your heart is beating, you have dreams, you have ideas, you live in the world.


You have got to have a purpose, something that greater than yourself, your vision and dream of what your ideal life would look and feel like. What you would do if you longer had to think or worry about making money.

Think on that… What would you do with your time, what would you do for humanity if all your financial needs were met and taken care of. How would you spend your time?

Once you know in your heart of your vision and purpose, take action on it… don’t be afraid of your vision and life dream.

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