Will Mars Become A New Home For Humanity

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Will Mars become a new home for humanity or is it just a distant dream and vision that will have no chance of ever becoming an actual reality?

There are many who believe that it is inevitable that human beings will exist off-planet, where we will become interplanetary and colonize other planets. There have been many films created that stir the juices of imagination and inspire the possibility that one day not too far in the future, could become an actual reality.

Elon Musk vision and dream with Spacex is to have the first humans to Mars by 2024.

I for one love the dream and vision that one-day human beings will become interstellar travellers, as I have a deep fascination with space and our universe. It is the one thing that sends shivers over my entire body when I imagine the enormity and vastness of space and how many billions of miles we are from other solar systems and that other life and civilisations that are far more advanced than us could be out there somewhere.

It is the greatest embodiment of human imagination and human potential that one day we will be able to travel and have space holidays.

Space travel and exploration has not even scratched the surface of what is out there. Space travel is perhaps the last remaining frontier of human adventure where much opportunity exists in this emerging industry.

The future is bright the future could be space travel.

Rhys Morton-Rosshttps://www.inspiosphere.com
Rhys is the Founder, Chief Dreamer, Visionary and Protagonist. He is the idea and vision generator behind INSPIOSPHERE. He is responsible for dreaming up new ideas to create environments that both inspire and empower people to tap into their spiritual power of knowing their life calling that paves the way to their limitless potential and ONE BIG LIFE DREAM.

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