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You are here for a reason, you are here to do something great, you are here to turn your dreams into reality, but what is your purpose?

In this great video, the voice of Zig Ziglar talks about as human beings we are here with a purpose. We are here to do something, something we are meant to do, the reason why we are here. That thing that we all have in us, the desire to do something with meaning, to make a difference in peoples lives, to help others, give value, make an impact on human lives, it’s an innate desire in all human beings. So what is your purpose, what is the thing you feel in your heart that you are here to do?

Until you know what you are here to do you, you will have no direction, you will feel lost and dissatisfied in all you do, and will wander the earth in quiet desperation, with a feeling of emptiness.


Until you know what you are here to do, you cannot do it. Until you know what you would love to do, you still can’t do it. Until you know what lights a spark in you, you still cannot do it.

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.


You have music inside of you, the music that can and will inspire and enrich other peoples lives. You just have to awaken your mind to the possibilities that you are great beyond measure.

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