Dr Steven Greer Talks About Unacknowledged Film

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Dr Steven Greer talks about UNACKNOWLEDGED film and also shares information about the real possibility of free energy without the use of oil, UFO’s and the alien agenda and how real change can be made for the betterment of humanity.

In his short interview Dr Steven Greer talks about UNACKNOWLEDGED film and gives some amazing information which he has gleamed over 20 years of research and study into alien life, UFO technology and new earth energy.

He reveals some of the biggest hidden secrets in all of human recorded history and the depths massive powerful corporations will go to just to prevent new energy being made available to humanity.

Dr Steven Greer briefly talks about Unacknowledged film and about the plan to set up the New Earth Incubator Fund which aims to get new earth energy out to humanity.

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For over 100 years, advances in electromagnetic systems have allowed for the creation of over-unity (more out-put than manmade input) power generation via the zero point energy (ZPE) field and quantum vacuum. These have been suppressed by way of a number of means both legal and illegal. To date, no inventor, corporation, research team or university has been able to surmount these obstacles.  (See The Orion Project and The Disclosure Project)

Since neither the governments of the world nor major corporations have moved decisively towards disclosing these technologies, a new private consortium is needed to achieve this goal.

Much like the Internet developed by DARPA, this consortium would develop a basic new energy technology that could then be adapted in countless ways to provide usable power that is clean, limitless, safe and essentially free.

In this sense, we are stepping in where large governmental and corporate programs have failed.  The need is urgent and the time is short.

Source: excerpt taken from Sirius Disclosure


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