The Shift In Global Consciousness

Time of the Sixth Sun is an inspirational and uplifting documentary film about the shift in global consciousness and the emerging movement to find a new way to walk more lightly on this Earth.

A new heart based culture is now beginning to reveal itself. The movement towards a heart centred existence and a renewed appreciation and existence of earth is now a pivotal reason for the shift in global consciousness. The shift is now gaining pace and worldwide attention.

Our ancestors understood the symbiotic relationship to nature and the elements and foresaw the collapse of an unsustainable world.

It is time to remember who you are, why you are here at this time of the greatest change ever. We are all part of the awakening and the global collective of human consciousness. We are here to create the new earth, an earth of sustainable existence and love of mother earth.

Mother Earth has for far too long, been the victim of human consumption, destruction and ravaged greed. Humanity is now at a cross roads, where we have to replenish earth and give back.

Filmed predominantly in North America, Mexico, Peru, S.Africa, India, Tibet and the UK, this film is a synergy of ancient wisdom from the indigenous Elders and insights from pioneers of new energy consciousness, who collaboratively hold the vision of a new earth experience.

Visit the time of the sixth sun website to register and get access to watch the movie for free.

Rhys Morton-Ross
Rhys is the Founder, Chief Dreamer, Visionary and Protagonist. He is the idea and vision generator behind INSPIOSPHERE. He is responsible for dreaming up new ideas to create environments that both inspire and empower people to tap into their spiritual power of knowing their life calling that paves the way to their limitless potential and ONE BIG LIFE DREAM.
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