The Secret To Making Your Dreams A Reality Is In Your DNA

Eric Thomas talks about the secret to making your dreams a reality is to stop making excuses, getting up off your arse and taking action on a daily basis! Become a high achiever.

The truth is, the secret to making your dreams a reality is this… there is no secret, we all instinctively know what we need to do, but few are prepared to do what it takes. Instead they make excuses and come up with all manner of explanations as to why they can’t or are not doing them right now. Your DNA and all your genetic information is in your dreams.

The above is what I heard at an event when one of the speakers shared their view on what they felt people had to do in order to make their life dreams a reality. This video is all about inspiring and motivating you to take positive action towards your life goals and dreams.

You just have to make the decision to commit to whatever it is you want out of your life and never give up on it, remain focused and never deviate away from what it is you want.

But more importantly, this video highlights the importance of getting your backside into gear and taking action to bringing your dreams to life, and stop trying to fit in. We could all do with a kick up the arse from time to time and to today is that day.. this is your ass kicking.

The key is to keep stepping forwards with your plans, remaining positive, remaining driven and keeping your end goal in mind but not forgetting to map out the actions you need to take to reach your goal. Above all else, only you can create the life of your dreams and that can be done by you getting off the sofa, turning the tv off, chucking the games console in the bin and getting up off your arse and making your dreams happen.

You have so much potential, do not waste it and let it pass you by. You have within you the ability to become a high achiever.

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