Humanity Is Awakening To The Life Ride of Illusion

Bill Hicks shares the spoken word the life ride of illusion where he shares his view that life… it’s just a ride, life is just a ride.

This is a wake-up video from Bill, the life ride of illusion to serve as an honest view of the world we live in, and that we are being given the illusion that global powers are acting in our best interests. But despite the ups and downs and downs and ups, we have in life, it’s just a ride.

Our perceptions of reality are changing, the curtain of illusion is being pulled back and the shift in global consciousness is shifting. But one thing is for sure, the global powers cannot stop this shift and they are worried because eventually when we have fully woken up from our induced sleep and see the control systems with open eyes and hearts and see the world for what it really is, wars will cease, governments will evolve to become more socially aware and responsible and devote their efforts to improving our world and humanity that will steer us in the direction of a sustainable future that goes far beyond the old paradigms of human existence.

The life ride of illusion is becoming more real, you just have to change your perception and see that you have a choice, you, we, us, we all have a choice, that we are creative forces.

Together, by harnessing the power of collective consciousness will create the world we all secretly dream and imagine in our thoughts and feelings. We are only now beginning to truly understand that the power of our thoughts and emotions impact our outer world and the lives we experience. We truly are conscious creators and don’t fully understand how powerful we truly are, but that is now changing.

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