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This is a great video which serves as an humorous example of how to start your own inspirational movement.

The lone man who was enjoying himself at the Sasquatch music festival in 2009, little did he know that what he was doing would end up inspiring and triggering a mini movement, that would be used as an example to explain how to start your own inspirational movement.

It’s interesting that the ‘lone nutter’ (dancer) is not actually the one who starts the movement, but the first guy who joins him. He is actually the one who gets the movement going.

Although the ‘dude on the hill’, as he was popularly known, is the innovator/founder, it’s the guy who joins him which makes him the actual leader, as without him, the mini movement would never have taken shape.

This is a phenomenal example oh how a MOVEMENT is started and created. A movement can be a powerful force for positive and inspirational change in our world and more of us are needed to create them.

After watching this video, I recommend checking out this great TED talk from Simon Sinek – How Great Leaders Inspire Action where he shows the stages of great leadership which is clearly demonstrated in the video above.

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