Great inspirational and heart warming video about a son who never saw his father as an inspiration or a success until he discovered his big secret.

The son who never saw his father as an inspiration becomes totally inspired after he learns of his fathers true intentions. Being rich is more than just about monetary wealth.

Watch this video about this boy who never saw his dad as an inspiration and you will see where true wealth and happiness lies.

Just because someone does not have all the signs of materialistic wealth, does not mean they are not wealthy, it is all about your perceptions. Neither is it a reason to ignore them or look down on them.

Being rich is not about how much you have, it’s about your family and loved ones, friends, the times and memories you create and how much you give and how much you enrich the lives of other people.

It is also about appreciating and respecting the world we live in, planet earth and being grateful for its selfless offering of abundance, connecting with the all loving and all giving essence and spirit that is mother nature.

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