Listen to what some of the worlds most influential business people have to say about what the richest and most successful people have in common.

You will will hear from entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Will I Am, Jack Dorsey, Tony Hsieh among others share their views on coding and what the world will need over the coming years and what the richest and most successful people have in common.

It is estimated that in America alone, 1 million of the best jobs may go unfilled because only 1 in 10 schools teach students how to code. This is the main modern day industry which is what the richest and most successful people in our world have in common.

Our world is changing and technology is at the forefront of this change which will bring the fourth industrial revolution. A new type of revolution is looming which is going to change how we live and bring about the zero marginal cost economy.

These are exciting times, with many changes coming our way that some may find difficult to adjust to. These changes no matter how difficult they may appear and how hard the transition, will and need to occur for humanity to move ahead thrive and survive for the greater good of earth and our survival.

To consider learning some code. Check out

Code photo by Markus Spiske

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