Goal Setting Is A Waste of Time

Change Your Life Now With Arfeen Khan

Arfeen Khan gives a talk where he shares that goal setting is a waste of time. In order to change your life you have to change your identity first not set goals. I know from my own experience that goal setting is a waste of time until you are able to identify and believe you […]

Learn How To Unlock The Full Potential of Your Mind

unlock the full potential of your mind

Unlock the full potential of your mind with Dr Joe Dispenza. Learn the power and innate potential of your mind and understand that you are the creator of your world and reality. You can learn the methods to change your life through empowering your mind to assist you with achieving your best life and dreams. […]

The 10 Biggest Challenges All Entrepreneurs Face and How To Overcome It.

10 Biggest Challenges All Entrepreneurs Face

I know that feeling all too well, it’s the biggest problem all new entrepreneurs face. You’re sitting in the coffee shop down the road having just completed an email pitch to seduce the potential investor you met at that over-priced convention. This is the email that took you a full 3 weeks to research and […]

Conquering Self Doubt Leads To Achieving Your Dreams

Commit Your Mind To Conquering Self Doubt and Achieve Your Dreams

Conquering self doubt requires the need take charge of your thoughts and the beliefs you have about yourself. Big dreams and goals can only be realised when you fully commit and make the decision that no matter what amount of fear and self doubt you may be experiencing in that moment, that you are going […]

Build Your Best Life By Escaping These 3 Personal Traps

Build your best life

Build your best life. We’ve all seen those motivational social media posts urging us to pursue our best life. But, let’s be honest here, what even is a best life? Here are the 3 personal traps you need to escape to build your best life. We all have different barometers by which to build your […]

A 162 Minute WAKE UP CALL

162 Minute WAKE UP CALL

One of my all time favourite business coaches, businessmen, success development mentors who is the creator of the QLA (Quantum Leap Advantage) model talks about what it takes to achieve success in this 162 minute wake up call. Dan Pena is not for everyone. He is outspoken, ruthless, brash, doesn’t give a shit about being […]

You Need to Have a Vision To Achieve Success

You Need to Have a Vision

You need to have a vision is the advice from Arnold Schwarzenegger as he shares his own experiences on achieving success. Unless you have a clear idea of where you want to go, what you want to achieve, what you wish to become and what it is you want to provide to the world, you […]

Your Beliefs and Habits Can Help You or Destroy You.

your beliefs and habits can help you or destroy you

Grant Cardone talks about life success with Brian Rose of London Real and how your beliefs and habits can help you or destroy you. Your beliefs about your own abilities and willingness to do something that is important to you can either have an empowering influence or they can have a destructive influence in your […]

The 50 Billion Dollar Habits with Dan Pena

Dan Pena's 50 Billion Dollar Habits

The 50 Billion dollar habits with Dan Pena and Brian Rose of London Real, is a lesson on what is needed to achieve great things. The secret, although it’s not much of a secret, to achieving success is having great habits. Watching the 50 Billion dollar habits with Dan Pena and Brian, will shed some […]

Start Your Own Inspirational Movement

start your own inspirational movement

This is a great video which serves as an humorous example of how to start your own inspirational movement. The lone man who was enjoying himself at the Sasquatch music festival in 2009, little did he know that what he was doing would end up inspiring and triggering a mini movement, that would be used […]