No Ice Cream For This Poor Kid Until… We all make mistakes and fail at things in life don’t we, there is no avoiding it and is all part of the process. But there was no ice cream for this poor kid until a man steps in and talks to his dad.

The guys in the store see the little boys’ father punishing him for losing a baseball game, by calling him a loser and saying he is not getting ice cream because of it.

The guys in the store know the father is making a big mistake and should be encouraging his kid as calling him a loser could have a lasting impression on him. It’s really amazing to see the guy step in and attempt to reason with the dad who is making a massive mistake talking to his boy like that, as he know that will not help his sons confidence and self-esteem.

It’s amazing how a simple act of kindness to empower a father to go easy on his son and instead of punishing him, give his son encouragement and inspire him as that will more likely motivate him to do better and try harder next time.

We all need encouragement when things don’t go as we would like. So next time you see yourself about to punish someone or your own child for not doing so well in school, take time and think about this video. Maybe all they need is a little compassion and encouragement that will make all the difference to them.

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