Achieving a dream flight through Tianmen Cave and becoming the first person ever to do so.

Jeb Corliss attempts a dream flight through Tianmen Cave in China, his quest to become the first person to do it wearing nothing more than a squirrel suit (wingsuit). The question does he make it?

In the video, Jeb shares his view and wisdom on failure and how you can succeed at anything if you have the grit determination to make whatever it is you want to achieve in your life happen. If there was ever a ‘secret’ to success, then this would be it.

I don’t believe you can fail. You only fail when you give up. The second you decide that I’m just gonna give up, you’re the one making that choice, you’re the one choosing to fail, you have to make the decision to fail. Whereas if you don’t ever make that decision, you say, no, I’m gonna keep going until it happens, well then, you don’t fail, you’re just in the process of making it happen.