Tom Bilyeu interviews Vishen Lakhiani from Mindvalley about how to transform your brain and how bending reality by using transcendent practices can help you become better at functioning in the modern world.

It’s amazing how we can transform ourselves to become a powerful functioning human being that goes beyond what we think we are capable of. But more interestingly, is that some beliefs about what it takes to be successful are also outdated with new methods coming out on how to transform your brain which also impacts on your inner potential.

Below are just a few quotes from Vishen during the video;

“But if you ask a human being to share with you the moments in life that they’re most grateful for, all of those moments often deal with inner states. It’s falling in love, it’s carrying your first child in your arm. It’s the joy of accomplishing your first big win. And all of these, all of these are states of happiness, states of joy, states of human connectivity.”

“When you get a clear vision of the business you want to create, of the lifestyle you want to create, you move towards that faster.”

“One of the biggest ways we transform is when we connect with others. And we have shared meanings when we support each other. When you share your vision of the world and I share mine or when we challenge each other’s ideas, but it all comes by bringing people together.”

The power of meditation is more than just about relaxation and feeling clam and connected, it is also about the opportunity to use meditation for creative visualisation and getting a clear vision in your mind. By having a clear vision and great thoughts of the type of business, relationships and lifestyle you want to create, you will move towards it much faster. 

So this is all about getting very clear on what you want and tapping into altered states of consciousness to pull out creative ideas on what you need to do to get you to where you want to go.

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