Are you addicted to sugar, do you constantly find yourself reaching for that sugary snack and choosing sugary treats over a healthier alternative? In this video how to quit sugar and unhealthy habits you will get some shocking information that may get you to drop the sweet and silent killer.

The topic of diet and health is – has – and always has been a subject of much controversy and differing passionate opinions especially with the continued growth in the number of overweight and obese adults and children as well as the rise of diabetes and other autoimmune diseases. Many studies have been carried out and concluded that sugar is the single biggest contributor to global weight gain and obesity and had been honoured with the title “The Sweet Silent Killer”. The question is how to quit sugar and unhealthy habits.

While a battle ensues between a low carb and high carb diet, the thing that is more deserving of greater attention is the subject of quitting or reducing the levels of sugar consumption.

Reducing or even quitting refined sugars and processed foods is the single biggest health decision anyone could make that will have the greatest impact on improving health and regulating weight. The greatest challenge for most is the mindset and approach needed to really understand how and why bad habits like this develop.

In the video it covers the “why and how”…

Sugar tells your brain to stay hungry

No Sugar does NOT mean No Happiness

How your environment affects your brain

Deconstructing bad programming

Break bad habits by understanding them

Nostalgia isn’t always good

How to control cravings with mindfulness

Sugar impacts your gut

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