There is plenty of documented evidence on the associated health benefits of being in nature and the strong sense of well-being that are felt by many who take the time out away from the modern way of life.

Known as Ecopsychology, the study of health benefits of being in nature looks at the health benefits of being in nature and immersing yourself out into the wild and how trees and wildlife impacts on health. Over recent years there has been a growing body of research that clearly proves the overwhelming effects of reducing stress and promoting healing within the human body.

Because of this growing evidence, entire industries are considering the human need for nature and how it could have a positive impact on entire systems, businesses and whole economies, given the beneficial effects to us human beings.

Up until fairly recently, the subject of health benefits of being in nature was all but ignored by the academic world. This has now changed because of the sheer number of studies that have been conducted clearly show that there is little to no logic in continuing to deny or ignore the ever-growing evidence. It is obvious that not only is nature a beautiful thing and truly magical to have around us, but it is a must-have for both physical health and cognitive functioning.

The question is, how long do you have to spend in nature to reap the benefits of this tranquil energy to have a strong sense of wellbeing. I know with myself that the longer the better, as I feel no need to rush the experience – why would you.

Apparently, it takes 120 minutes to get the full effects and benefits that nature has to offer. This can be in one visit or spread or several visits of walking in a park, green spaces or other natural environments. The key is to be fully immersed and feel truly connected to the environment you’re in. Those that were studied who didn’t spend the 2-hour threshold a week in nature showed little to no observable benefits.

So, there you have it. Get out there, go and hug a tree, show your love and appreciation for anything wild in nature, give attention to the plants, wildlife and feel grateful for the experience and enriching healing energy that nature has to offer you.

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