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The power of sound, vibration and frequency is becoming well known and accepted. Science is now acknowledging and understanding how sound interacts with human physiology and the world around us. We can literally heal our world with sound.

We are heading into incredible times and a spiritual renaissance. The universe and human beings vibrate and we have the power and potential to heal our world with sound vibration and frequency.

Believe it it not, even grass vibrates at 528hz which is one of the six original Solfeggio notes and is considered to be the universal language with love being the universal healer. This isn’t too difficult to understand especially when you consider that expert botanists and science, have been saying for years.

When certain types of music is played to plants, they respond and appear much healthier. It has also been shown that their growth accelerates fifty to a hundred times, this is known as Biosonics.

In music, the standard tuning is A440hz which actually suppresses the Solfeggio frequency of 528hz, which is also the resonate frequency of the heart chakra. Standard western music is tuned to lower our vibration and frequency and can be used for suppressing our true human spirit.

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