Will Mars Become A New Home For Humanity

Will Mars become a new home for humanity or is it just a distant dream and vision that will have no chance of ever becoming an actual reality? There are many who believe that it is inevitable that human beings will exist off-planet, where we will become interplanetary and colonize other planets. There have been […]

Does The Future of Cities On Earth Look Like This

Does The Future of Cities On Earth Look Like This

Is this a glimpse into the city of tomorrow, does the future of cities on Earth look like this, where they are fully sustainable and resident-focused? There are already countries racing towards creating the future cities of the future and how they will change the way cities will function to make better use of technology […]

It Is Time To Reconsider Your Entire Existence

It is time to reconsider your entire existence

Prepare to have your eyes opened and the way you exist and interact with the world challenged. A change has to happen with each and every one of use before it is too late. It is time to reconsider your entire existence and realise that there is more to life than work, social media and […]

Watch The Emerging New Industrial Revolution

Watch this animation video which takes you through the emerging new industrial revolution which will take us into a new sustainable and thriving future. This video narrated by Jeremy Rifkin, economist, government advisor & New York Times bestselling author of the book: The Zero Marginal Cost Society, explains the phase by phase transformation of moving from the […]

The Zero Marginal Cost Society

With global economic problems on the rise, more and more people are seeing and feeling the problems more than ever as living standards are in decline and people are now living to work instead of working to live. The zero marginal cost society is going to change and solve this issue. The cost of living […]

Coming Of The Third Industrial Revolution

Jeremy Rifkin talks to a audience of students about how the global economy is in crisis. The exponential exhaustion of natural resources, declining productivity, slow growth, rising unemployment, and steep inequality, has forced us to rethink our economic models and realise that we have to move into the third industrial revolution. Scientists are now telling […]

The Blockchain Could Be A Game Changer

This video goes someway in explaining what the Blockchain technology is and the many uses it could have in numerous industries and technologies to such a degree that the blockchain could be a game changer. The question remains by many.. what is the blockchain? Blockchain is an ingenious invention and the brainchild of someone or […]

This Could Be The Future Of Money

Experts in the new exciting, emerging industry and digital currency known as crypto currencies talk about the emergence and future of this disruptive technology. with many believing this could be the future of money. The decentralised world of cryptocurrency is built on the blockchain technology which is what allows it all to happen and exist. […]

The Truth Of The Vatican Revealed

The Truth of the Vatican Revealed

The truth of the Vatican revealed in this video looks at why it has always been under scrutiny with many believing that they go to great lengths to hide the real truth of their very existence and the many secrets they hold. People are incessantly speculating about the truth of the Vatican revealed and the […]