You have a life dream, an ambitious idea, a life that was once at the forefront of your conscious thinking, but as time has passed you have taken this one big thing that at one time dominated your thoughts, it was your big vision and dream for your future, but yet you could be making excuses that destroy life dreams.

Sadly, the dream you have has never moved out from your thinking and taken form in the physical world. For whatever reason, you have never taken action to make that dream, that idea an actual reality, it has remained hidden in the dark recesses of your mind.

You have wrongly convinced yourself it has no chance of ever becoming a reality. Excuses that destroy life dreams need to be stopped and you need to address the real reasons for why you are making them in the first place.

The question is WHY…. why have you not taken action on that dream you have?

The answers to this question are the most common reasons or should I say excuses, for why many people give up on pursuing a life dream or an idea that has the potential to massively transform their lives.

We can all have an inner voice of self-doubt about the things we want to do and what we want to achieve in our life. Having self-doubts is a natural thing which affects each and every one of us at some stage of our lives.

This is all well and good, but the question is, does it control your life to a point that it stops you from living the life you truly want to live? Do you find yourself coming up with all manner of excuses for not doing the things you truly want to do?

Excuses only serve to keep you away from what your heart is telling you, you should do. Your dreams, passion and purpose are worth more than any excuse you could ever come up with.


Jewish Proverb

Here are the top and most common excuses people use for not taking action with a life purpose, passion, big vision and life dream.

1: I am not ready yet, I will do it someday

2: I’m too old now

3: I’m not smart or good enough.

4: I don’t have enough time.

5: I do not have enough money right now.

6: If it goes wrong and fails, I am screwed.

7: I have family and children to think about.

8: I still need to do more planning before I do it.

Every single one these are simply excuses for not taking steps towards making your life dream or an idea you have a reality – do any of them sound familiar?

The big question is, why are you making them, what is the real reason, because the excuse itself is rarely if ever, the real reason for not doing something, even though we can convince ourselves that it is, there is always something else, a deeper and more relevant reason, and the reason is always one of two things… more about that in an upcoming post.

All you need to know right now is that excuses only serve to keep us away from what it is our heart is telling us we should do. Our dreams, passion and purpose are worth more than any excuse we could ever come up with.

Somewhere along the line, we convince ourselves that our excuses are more valuable than our dreams, passions and life purpose.

The person who really wants to do something with their life and turn their purpose, passion and life dreams into a reality, will always find a way to make them happen; whereas another person will always find an excuse for why they are not doing them.


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