Dr Wayne Dyer talks about your true essence and power of your thoughts. This interview is from never seen before footage from the making of the 2009 film by Louise L. Hay from Hay House publishing called “You Can Heal Your Life”.

The subjects Wayne Dyer discusses besides your true essence and power of your thoughts, also includes a demonstration of how our thoughts can impact on our own physiology and outside world, as well as the calling of our generation to work towards the eradication of the concept of war.

Wayne talks about how his generation in the 70’s had to end a war in Vietnam, but whereas now, we are no longer just here to end one war, but we are now faced with having to work towards ending wars on a global scale. We are currently in at a time, where war no longer has a place in the survival of this earth and that of humanity. We are heading into a time where we will know peace on a global scale.

It reminds me of that saying ‘That things will get worse before they get better.’ Right now, we are on the precipice of our world getting better, we have passed the point of things getting worse, and even though it may appear that things aren’t improving, they actually are.

What we are seeing and experiencing is a global shift of change, the readjustment and collapse of systems, old paradigms, old ways of doing things that have contributed to the past world which will no longer serve the new one.

The human collective consciousness is putting an end to it all and creating a world where we are all one and will rise together. The power of love has the power to overcome the love of power.

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