Quantum Physics confirms that human consciousness creates our reality. It’s our thoughts and beliefs which literally shape the world around us.

If consciousness creates our reality then the question must be what is consciousness?

Science is now proving how our beliefs systems effect our reality. This is not just a spiritual concept, but one that is now being proven scientifically and also physiologically. This discovery is now confirming how much power we actually have for our own existence.

We all have the power to create the life we dream of and imagine. We are all connected as one with the universe and everything around us. Nothing operates or functions in and of itself.

Everything in life is connected with pure energy and vibration which has it’s own intelligence. This is energy source is popularly called and known by the names as, the ether, source, god, life energy – just to name a few.

This is not a new discovery or knowledge, as many ancient civilizations knew and understood this universal energy. Unfortunately over time, great efforts were made to hide and strip this knowledge from us.

This was done so that the Elitists could create a global system of enslavement which gave them power over us. This is what has given them the global power today and enabled them to amass great wealth.

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