Could a simple yet powerful breathing bio-hack to awaken human consciousness accelerate your ability to manifest your desires.

This breathing bio-hack to awaken human consciousness is an ancient technique that was used in Eastern Philosophy, that uses the breathing to more efficiently amplifies thought processes and balances them out.

Dr Lorn Allison explains in this video how a breathing bio-hack can accelerate conscious creation and manifestation simply by following ancient breathing patterns to increase the amplitude of the physical body.

Whilst using this technique you can imagine or visualise the things you want to manifest in your life, using your senses, smell, touch, hearing and sight.

I think by now many of us are familiar with the Law of Attraction and possibly The Secret, but a few key pieces of information were not shared that are key to making visualization and manifesting work effectively, which is why so many struggled with applying the principles. I think this is a great hack that could be one of the missing pieces.

Watch this video a few times to fully understand the power of what Dr Lorn Allison is sharing with you. It would be great to hear your experiences with this so please keep us updated in the comments section of how you found this breathing technique.