This video is about allowing your mind to be quiet and dealing with excessive thoughts we sometimes have which becomes a vicious circle of habitual repetition which can lead to feelings of anxiety and low self-esteem.

Alan Watts shares his philosophies about how we are becoming compulsive thinkers and that our minds are more like jumping monkeys when they should be calm waters of stillness and tranquillity, where our thoughts are clear and focused and powered only by uplifting and positive thoughts and just simply allowing your mind to be quiet. 

We are becoming creatures where we we devote our lives and time to thinking instead of allowing your mind to be quiet. Your mind is a very powerful system of complex pathways that is linked and connected to the universal system of source.

By taking time to do nothing and think of absolutely nothing and be with nature, the source and in the now is amazingly powerful, wonderfully energising, empowering and is the the most effective way I know how of being at one with the power of source and the pure connection to god energy. 

As Dr Wayne Dyer would say the Tao de Ching and how changing your thoughts can change your life

It is time for all to lose the need and addiction to continued thoughts, and instead become focused and more centred on being mind-full. You have to stop over thinking and talking if you wish to remain sane.

Calm photo by Daniel Mingook Kim

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