Open and honest disclosure to affiliate links and earnings

We believe in being fully transparent with site members and subscribers and also visitors. 

At INSPIOSPHERE we believe in being fully transparent with site members and subscribers and also visitors. So we are making you aware and disclosing the fact that on the site exists certain product and ad links that we earn an affiliate commission for should you decide to click an ad or make a purchase through an affiliated product page.

The vision and goal with this site is to help educate, inspire, empower you on the possibilities that exist to achieving your full potential and also the truths of our world and universe and the many opportunities to understand who you are and the power you have inside for spiritual growth which hopefully is a powerful resource for you.

But please understand that for us to run and operate we have to function as a for-profit business, until such a time where the world becomes a cashless no money society. Check out The Venus Project | The Resource Based Economy by the late and great Jacque Fresco.

With that said, you should assume that any and all links leading you to product pages or services are affiliate links where we will potentially receive commission should you decide to make a purchase.

Rest assured, in keeping with our values of providing you with massive value and helping you to fulfill your true inner potential, all product link displayed on the site have been fully researched and checked and even used by us personally, to ensure they could truly deliver value to you. If you have any questions regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact us by using the contact page. It can be accessed via the footer menu on the site.