We all have our own mountain to climb. Fulfilling A Life dream and your potential is not something that you can achieve alone. Together We Can Make a Difference & Create a Future That Benefits The Many, Not Just The Few.

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Wake Up To The Biggest Political Hoax and Coordinated Mass-Media Disinformation Campaign in Living History

Humanity needs to wake up to the biggest political hoax in living history and realise that this is all a coordinated mass-media disinformation campaign. This is a callout to shake you to wake up to the biggest political hoax in living history. Even though this video is Trump campaign for the coming November...


The Zero Marginal Cost Society

With global economic problems on the rise, more and more people are seeing and feeling the problems more than ever as living standards are in decline and people are now living to work instead of working to live. The zero marginal cost society is going to change and solve this issue. The cost of...

Mount Potential

reach your summit!

You have a big dream and a life changing idea for a reason... and it’s not to torture yourself! You have your own unique set of gifts, talents & skills to make this dream you have come to life.



What Do You Have To Lose?

When you have nothing to lose and are free of fear, you become limitless in your abilities to pursue a life dream and do those things that are important to you in your life. What do you have to lose by going after that dream you have? Stop procrastinating and self-sabotaging, it will only lead to regret...


A 162 Minute WAKE UP CALL

One of my all time favourite business coaches, businessmen, success development mentors who is the creator of the QLA (Quantum Leap Advantage) model talks about what it takes to achieve success in this 162 minute wake up call. Dan Pena is not for everyone. He is outspoken, ruthless, brash, doesn't give a shit...


Signs Showing A Connection To Your Higher Self

Are you connecting to your higher self? Watch this video that explains the signs showing a connection to your higher self and spiritual journey. Some people believe in this stuff, others totally dismiss it as nothing more than new-age woo-woo. The fact is that these signs showing a connection to your higher self along...


Don't Just Listen... FEEEEL


5 Life Lessons Not To Ignore

5 life lessons not to ignore that can make a huge difference in your life and can make all the difference between success and failure in life. You can learn a lot from people who have snippets of wisdom and life lessons to share that you can benefit from. Their wisdom is not to...


You Have To Passionately Believe You Can

Dan Pena the 50 Billion Dollar man believes than to achieve anything in your life, you need to have self belief. You have to passionately believe you can achieve the thing you want do. Knowing you have something inside you that is both unique and special changes everything. Being successful in your life...


The Blockchain Could Be A Game Changer

This video goes someway in explaining what the Blockchain technology is and the many uses it could have in numerous industries and technologies to such a degree that the blockchain could be a game changer. The question remains by many.. what is the blockchain? Blockchain is an ingenious invention and the brainchild of someone...

Do You Have The Mindset to RISE ABOVE THE SHIT & Turn Your BIG Life Dream Into Reality?

You know the dream I am on about... that idea, vision of something you feel could be of massive value and help to peoples lives, that thing which you feel inside your heart and soul would be a truly rewarding thing to create..!